Maureen was GREAT!

"Our experience with Maureen was great. She not only knew the area well, but based on our needs would rule out properties that would not work (we have kids, so no home on busy street for example). She also does not pressure you into making a hasty decision. Even during negotiations, I remember her telling us that if this does not work, something else will come our way. She was also responsive and comfortable with texting to communicate, so that worked well for us. We have no hesitation in recommending Maureen."

- Bought a home in Palatine

Maureen was PHENOMENAL

"We were first time home buyers, and Maureen helped us with the whole process and explained everything we didn't know or understand in a clear and easily understood manner. Maureen was reveptive and flexible about what we were looking to buy and when we wanted to get the ball rolling. When we were looking at places, she even gave us pointers about what to look at within the house that people often overlook (without being overbearing or pushy). Maureen was also always very prompt about getting information to us and getting everything set up and ready to roll once we were ready to make an offer in our house. When we were figuring out an offer to make, Maureen was awesome about helping us to figure out a smart, logical offer to make. When it came time to close on our house, Maureen was there supporting us and helping us to make sure we had everything we needed together for closing. I could not have asked for a kinder, more caring, more supportive, or more helpful person to help us navigate the stress filled, anxiety ridden road that is finding a new home than Maureen. She really is the best!"

- Hanover Park buyer